Delivering Asymmetric Multiuser Experiences

Enabling Immersive Content across the XR Ecosystem

At Across Realities, we are firmly focused on the next wave of computing via immersive VR and AR technologies. Through our AcrossXR platform, we are building and delivering experiences for all devices. We believe that collaborative social environments are the key to mass adoption, and we are bringing that future to you.




The classic game of Solitaire is back in fully immersive XR fashion! Play solo on your mobile device in traditional magic window 2d format, in cardboard split-screen VR mode on handhelds, or even in AR on ARKit-compatible devices! Engage in multiplayer Solitaire across all realities as you race others to solve the same puzzle. Compatible with most mobile devices today, with more platforms coming soon!


Pop balloons in Augmented Reality! Travel through the real world to set a high score. It’s never been a better time to have the childlike wonder of popping balloons! AR Balloons (pronounced “Air Balloons”) brings the fun of balloons with the excitement of Augmented Reality, allowing you to walk around, aim, and see how many balloons you can pop in 30 seconds! No real-life helium required! Get up, walk around, and enjoy using your own true environment as you pop balloons to your heart’s content. Challenge yourself with Achievements and Leaderboards!

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